Integrated Directional Drilling Pipe


Integrated Directional Drilling Pipe


Our produced trenchless drill pipes are divided into integrated directional drilling pipes and friction welding drilling pipes. Integrated directional drilling pipes have specifications of φ50, φ60, φ73 and φ89. Their length and connecting threads can be customized according to customers' requirements and generally the normal length is 3m.


Drill Pipe Technical Parameters
NO. Parameters Single Weight kg /pcs Steel Grade Matching Drilling Rig
1 Φ50*1.5m 15 G105 VermeerD100, Keyes 6010
2 Φ50*2m 18 G105 VermeerD100, Keyes 6010
3 Φ50*3m 25 G105 VermeerD100, Keyes 6010
4 Φ60*2m 25 G105 VermeerD24*40, Keyes 6130
5 Φ60*3m 35 G105 VermeerD40*40, Keyes 6130
6 Φ73*3m 45 G105 VermeerD50*100
7 Φ73*4.5m 66 G105 VermeerD50*100
8 Φ89*4.5m 100 G105 VermeerD80*100
9 Φ89*6m 130 G105 Vermeer D80*100


Integrated directional drilling pipes adopt R780 tube materials produced by Baosteel. For different specifications of tube materials, end upsetting and integral heat treatment processes are carried out according to various technologies in order to ensure the mechanical properties of different specifications of drilling pipes. Pin threads and box threads adopt double step structure and they have good sealing performance and small deformation after torque. Thread surface adopts electroless plating in order to increase surface hardness and wear-resistance of threads. All specifications of drilling pipes produced in our factory can be matched with horizontal directional drilling rigs of their respective specifications. 



1. Use thread dope when screwing and unscrewing drilling pipes. Pay attention and don't damage the threads of drilling pipes when loading, unloading and moving. Lay flat and don't heavily press when stacking.
2. After construction, check drilling pipes one by one and clean threads and water holes. Coat thread dope and screw thread protector.
3. Mark scores and spiral nicks of drilling pipes if noticing and use carefully. If the score depth is more than 1mm or there are many spiral nicks, replace immediately.
4. Check the wear and tear of pipe body and treads after using for some time. Stop using in time if threads are broken or pipe body bends obviously.