BT Wireline Drill Rod


BT Wireline Drill Rod

Roschen manufacture BT wireline drill rod for use with BQ core barrel. BT drill rod is widely recognized and accepted genuine “Tuff” rod with the “T” thread. BT drill rod is known for strong pull back and performance in difficult drilling conditions. BT drill rod is perfectly suited when high pull back and torsion is needed in shallow or long, straight holes with no or little deviation.BT drill rod is available for application in standard DCDMA B size hole.

BT drill rod features:

-high grade carbon alloy steel
-Consistent concentricity, straightness and heat treatment

-Tapered and larger threads provides easy make and break
-BT thread provides sufficient strength

-BT drill rod has case hardened thread.
-BT drill rod pin thread crest is hardened to nominal HRC 55 to eliminate damaging adhesion wear
-Eliminates the transfer of wear material back and forth which is what happens between threads of equal hardness, leading to large scale galling and joint seizing.  

BT Wireline Drill Rod Configuration:
1-BT drill rod overview
2-BT drill rod box and pin thread profile
3-BT drill rod case hardened illustration

(1)1.5m/5ft and 3m/10ft BT drill rods are available


BT wireline drill rod
BT Rod Nonimal Parameter Metric Imperial
BT Drill Rod OD 55.6mm 2.189in
BT Drill Rod ID 46.0mm 1.811in
BT Drill Rod Weight 18kg/3m 39lb/3m
BT Drill Rod Thread Pitch 12.7mm 2/in
BT Drill Rod Pin Thread Length 55.88mm 2.20in



BT Drill Rods Package Specifications

3.0 m/10 ft Rod Bundle (40 Rods)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3100 x 380 x 430 mm
Volume 0.51 m3
Gross Weight 760 kg
1.5 m/5 ft Rod Bundle (40 Rods)

Dimensions (L x W x H) 1600 x 380 x 430 mm
Volume 0.26 m3
Gross Weight 385 kg

Container Shipments:
20 ft container load of 3.0 m/10 ft rods holds 25 bundles (around1000 rods)
40 ft container load of 3.0 m/10 ft rods holds 33 bundles (around1300 rods)