1.5m/ 3m ATW, BTW, NTW, HTW Wireline Drill Rod Heat Treatment Drill Pipes


1.5m/ 3m ATW, BTW, NTW, HTW Wireline Drill Rod Heat Treatment Drill Pipes



Rod handlers improve safety by keeping helpers away from energized components and potential injury from wrenches under power. Coring rod threads will jam in 20-30% of joint make-ups, meaning that time is lost, and 5% of the time the helper is back near the rotation unit, reducing safety. These jams add significant unproductive time either to unjam threads or rotate threads backward 100% of the time when manually making joints.

Our wireline rods feature a unique thread entry, nearly eliminating jams, upgrading safety for hands-free rod handling, where making and breaking of rods is mechanized. The threads also feature a coarser pitch with less rotation, making them faster to make up by hand, generating less fatigue, lower stress on the wrist and less potential for repetitive use injuries.

Basic information
Application: Mineral Exploration Wireline Core Drilling Tools
Standard: DCDMA
High Light: machining drill rod
tool steel drill rod
Length: 1.5 Meter, 3 Meter, Or As Per Request
Process: Heated Treatment
Material: High Quality Steel


Size Available as followings:
"Q" series: AQ, BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ,
“TW” series: ATW, BTW, NTW, HTW
Casing: AW, BW, NW, HW, HWT, PW

Wireline drill rod technical specifications:  


Size O.D.(mm) I.D.(mm) Weight/3m(kg) Weight/1.5m(kg)
A 43.1 36.1 11 5.5
B 55.58 45.97 19.05 9.53
N 69.85 60.45 23.77 11.89
H 88.9 77.72 34.88 17.44
P 114.3 101.6 53.07 26.54
ATW 44.5 36.8 11.5 5.75
BTW 56.64 48.51 15.65 7.83
NTW 73.15 64.26 22.91 11.46
HTW 90.93 81.53 30.75 15.38