Bao Steel BTW NTW HTW Thin Wall Wireline Drill Rods With Heat Treated Ends


Bao Steel BTW NTW HTW Thin Wall Wireline Drill Rods With Heat Treated Ends

Standard: DCDMA
Application: CORE DRILLING
Material: 30CrMnSia XJY850
Length: 3m / 1.5m
High Light: HTW Wireline Drill Rods
NTW Wireline Drill Rods
HTW Thin Wall Drill Rods




Rod handlers improve safety by keeping helpers away from energized components and potential injury from wrenches under power. Coring rod threads will jam in 20-30% of joint make-ups, meaning that time is lost, and 5% of the time the helper is back near the rotation unit, reducing safety. These jams add significant unproductive time either to unjam threads or rotate threads backward 100% of the time when manually making joints.

Our wireline rods feature a unique thread entry, nearly eliminating jams, upgrading safety for hands-free rod handling, where making and breaking of rods is mechanized. The threads also feature a coarser pitch with less rotation, making them faster to make up by hand, generating less fatigue, lower stress on the wrist and less potential for repetitive use injuries.

Portable Drilling Bao Steel BTW / NTW / HTW Thin Wall Drill Rod Wireline Drill Rods With Heat-Treated Ends


Size O.D.(mm) I.D.(mm) Weight/3m (kg) Weight/1.5m (kg)
BTW 56.3 48 15.65 7.83
NTW 73.3 64 22.91 11.46
HTW 91.3 81 30.75 15.38


size     Diamond core bit / reaming shell  Drill rod  Material  Drill Depth m
Bit -OD mm   IDmm Reaming shell   -OD mm OD  mm  ID
BTW φ59.56/42.1 φ60.3 φ56.3 φ48 30CrMnSiA/XJY850 1000
NTW φ75.31/56.1 φ75.8 φ73.3 φ64 30CrMnSiA/XJY850 1100
HTW φ95.57/71.1 φ96.3 φ91.3 φ71 30CrMnSiA/XJY850 1200
AC(AQ) φ47.6/27 φ48 φ44.5 φ34.9 30CrMnSiA/XJY850 1000
BC(BQ) φ58.5/36.5 φ60 φ55.6 φ46 30CrMnSiA/XJY850 1200
NC(NQ) φ74.6/47.6 φ75.8 φ69.9 φ 60.3 30CrMnSiA/XJY850 1500
HC(HQ) φ95.6/63.5 φ96 φ88.9 φ 77.8 30CrMnSiA/XJY850 1800
PC(PQ) φ122/85 φ122.6 φ114.3 φ103.2 30CrMnSiA/XJY850 2200
SQ φ150/110 φ150.5 φ140.3 φ146 30CrMnSiA/XJY850 2200
XZS57 φ57/35 φ57.5 φ55 φ44 .45MnMoB 2200
S75 φ75/49 φ75.5 φ71 φ61 .45MnMoB 1200
S75A φ76/49 φ76.5 φ71 φ60 45MnMoB 2000
XZS75 φ76/46 φ76.5 φ71 φ58 .45MnMoB 2800
XZNH φ76/46 φ76.5 φ71 φ58 30CrMnSiA/XJY850 3000
S95 φ95/64 φ95.5 φ89 φ79 .45MnMoB 1000
S95A φ95.6/63.5 φ96 φ89 φ78 .45MnMoB 2000
ZS95B φ95.6/63.5 φ96 φ91 φ79 .45MnMoB 2300
XZHH φ95.6/63.5 φ96 φ91 φ79 30CrMnSiA/XJY850 3200
S110 φ114/80 φ114.5 φ110 φ98 .45MnMoB 1600
S130 φ133/100 φ133.5 φ129 φ117 .45MnMoB 1700


1. Made from high-precision, stress-relieved seamless steel tubes
2. Wireline drill rods with heat-treated ends to strengthen threaded joints
3. Precision-machined, gauged and treated to mitigate galling
Raw materials: 

We only choose the best steel tubes in the market to manufacture our rods and pipes. Spot check will be conducted after the steel tubes delivered to company. We will make sure the compositions and specifications match the inspection report form the suppliers. 

Heat treatment control:
Heat treatment will greatly improve the material strength and increase the thread wear life of the rods and casings. We conduct either tru-wall or both ends heat treatment to the tube body. After heat treatment, strength, hardness, straightness and concentricity of the treated tubes will be tested in our lab.
Thread opening process:
Accuracy of threads will determine the use effects and life time of drill rod and casings.
CNC latches and form cutter are used in thread opening processing to minimize error made by anthropic factors.

Additional thread treatment:
Surface of the threads will be cleaned to remove burr adhered after threads are opened.
Afterwards, the tread surface will be phosphated to improve surface conditions.

Our Services: 

Provide the technical design and solutions; 
Designing and manufacturing of non-standard equipment;
Professional technical training and guidance on site according to the contract; 
Supply accessories at any time;
Tele-technical consulting and services; 
Other special technical service according to client's requirements. 

Quality Assrance: 
Strict contract auditing invloved all departments to assure the feasibility of each order.
Process design and validation before bulk production.
Strictly control on all raw and auxiliary materials, All raw materials reach the world advanced level.
On-site inspection to all processes, inspection record keep traceable for 30 years.