BQ NQ HQ PQ Wireline Drilling Rods With Heat Treatment 30 CrMnSiA


BQ NQ HQ PQ Wireline Drilling Rods With Heat Treatment 30 CrMnSiA 

1. With highly and strength of resistance on the bending, welding fixed. 
2. Highly efficiency on production and steady quality 
3. It able to keep the hole straight and with long use time.  
Specifications :
1. Available in all standard drilling sizes (A, B, N, H and P)
2. Heat treated and anti-rust coating process
3. High straightness and concentricity
4. “Q” series and “TW” (Thin Wall) series, 1.5m and 3m length.
5. Top-quality Chinese origin or Canadian sourced
Raw materials:
Roschen only choose the best steel tubes in the market to manufacture our rods and pipes.

Spot check will be conducted after the steel tubes delivered to company. We will make sure the compositions and specifications match the inspection report form the suppliers.

Heat treatment control:

Heat treatment will greatly improve the material strength and increase the thread wear life of the rods and casings. We conduct either tru-wall or both ends heat treatment to the tube body. After heat treatment, strength, hardness, straightness and concentricity of the treated tubes will be tested in our lab.
Thread opening process:
Accuracy of threads will determine the use effects and life time of drill rod and casings.
CNC latches and form cutter are used in thread opening processing to minimize error made by anthropic factors.  

Additional thread treatment:

Surface of the threads will be cleaned to remove burr adhered after threads are opened.
Afterwards, the tread surface will be phosphated to improve surface conditions.



Decription OD(mm) ID(mm) Weight(Kg/3m)
Rod, BQ 3.0 m Enhanced Φ55.60 Φ46 18
Rod, NQ 3.0 m Enhanced Φ70.15 Φ60 24
Rod, HQ 3.0 m Enhanced Φ89 Φ77.80 35
Rod, PQ 3.0 m Enhanced Φ114.3 Φ101.6 52.6


Technical Parameters of Wireline Drill Rod:
No Size Drill rod OD mm ID mm   Thread type Heat treatment Raw material Designed hole depth
1 S56 53 44 China standard     1000m
2 3 S59 S75 55.5 71 46 61 China standard   45MnMoB 1000m 1002m
4 S95 89 79 China standard     600m
5 6 S75AS95A   61 79   heat treatment the Thread 45MnMoB 1500m 1300m
7 8 9 CBH CNH CNH (T) Both side were enhanced 44 61 61 Factory standard Heat treatment the whole pipe 30CrMnSiA XJY850 2500m 2300m 3000m
10 CHH   78     30CrMnSiA 1800m
11 CSH 127 114.3     S135 3000m
12 BQ 55.6 46      30CrMnSiA XJY850 2000m
13 NQ 70.5 60.5 DCDMA Heat treatment the whole 30CrMnSiA XJY850 2000m
14 HQ 89 77.8 standard pipe  30CrMnSiA XJY850 1500m
15 PQ 114.3 103.2     30CrMnSiA XJY850 800m



Size O.D. I.D. Weight/3m Weight/1.5m
(mm) (mm) (kg) (kg)
AQ 43.1 36.1 11 5.5
BQ 55.58 45.97 19.05 9.53
NQ 69.85 60.45 23.77 11.89
HQ 88.9 77.72 34.88 17.44
PQ 114.3 101.6 53.07 26.54
ATW 44.5 36.8 11.5 5.75
BTW 56.64 48.51 15.65 7.83
NTW 73.15 64.26 22.91 11.46
HTW 90.93 81.53 30.75 15.38