T2 - 76 86 101 116 Double Tube Core Barrel Assembly 10 ft/3m - 5ft/1.5M length for exploration diamond core drilling


T2 - 76 86 101 116 Double Tube Core Barrel Assembly 10 ft/3m - 5ft/1.5M length for exploration diamond core drilling




T2 double tube core barrels are widely used and suitable for coring in all hard and soft formations, with water flushing and/or polymer fluid. The thin walls provide fast penetration, lower bit cost and larger core sample.
All spare parts and accessories for T2 core barrels are manufactured from the best quality raw materials.
The inner and outer tubes are manufactured from cold drawn seamless steel tubes with very high tensile strength and straightness providing the same properties as our drill rods and casing tubes.

Core lifters (springs) are available in standard and in basket type. Basket type is suitable for very soft and fine grained formations.

Core lifter cases can be case hardened to increase their wear resistance, upon special request.

Available in sizes 101, 86, 76, 66, 56, 46 & 36mm.

Standard core barrel lengths are 1.5 and 3.0 metre. Core barrel is supplied with a blank reaming shell and thread protector. Core Bits purchased separately.

Designed for use with core bits with a thin cutting face in order to maximize the rate of penetration. Suitable for use with water or mud as the flushing medium.

The T2 series corebarrels are available in metric sizes 56 - 101 mm, and DCDMA hole sizes BQ, NQ, HQ, and PQ. The latter are denoted TBW and TNW, respectively.

The Lifter Case is a push fit directly onto the Extension Tube. When the core is broken from the rock strata, the Lifter Case slides down to rest on the Core Bit. Thus the entire load of the core is transferred to the Outer Tube. This design is especially advantageous when working with heavy cores as it prevents overloading the bearings and thus prolongs the life of the core barrel.

The Inner Tube and Outer Tube are manufactured from cold drawn steel tube with a very high tensile strength and straightness. The Head Assembly is manufactured from heat-treated alloy steel to ensure long life.

As an option T2 series core barrels can be used with clear plastic Coreliner tubes to form an inner, triple tube. This greatly facilitates core handling and improves presentation. When Coreliner tubes are used an undersized bit and corelifter are required.

Technicial Specifications


T2 Double Tube Core Barrel
Size Hole Core Head
Designation Diameter Diameter Connection
  (mm) (mm) (box)
T2-56 56.3 41.7 50 mm
T2-66 66.3 51.7 50 mm
T2-76 76.3 61.7 50 mm
T2-86 86.3 71.7 50 mm
T2-101 101.3 83.7 NW rod
TBW 59.9 45 BW rod
TNW 75.7 60.8 NW rod
SIZE Core bit set Core bit set Thread
O.D. I.D. connection**
(mm) (mm) (head assembly)
T2 101 101 84 50MM
T2 86 86 72 50MM
T2 76 76 62 50MM
T2 66 66 52 50MM
T2 56 56 42 50MM
T2 46 46 32 42MM
T2 36 36 22 33.5MM