R32 R35 R38 T38T T45 T51 GT60 Retrac Button Bit for blast hole top hammer drilling 


R32 R35 R38 T38T T45 T51 GT60 Retrac Button Bit for blast hole top hammer drilling 

Retrac button bits

Retrac button bits are mainly used in loose rock mass with relatively broken rock. The retrac skirt design can assist in retrieving the drill tool, reduce the phenomenon of bit stuck and buried, and help improve the straightness of the borehole. Our retrac button bits are R25 retrac button bit, R28 retrac button bit, R32 retrac button bit, R35 retrac bit, R38 retrac button bit, T38 retrac button bit, T45 retrac button bit, T51 retrac button bit, GT60 retrac button bit, ST58 retrac button bit, retrac ST68 button bit.


ROSCHEN Retract Threaded Button Bits

With the top quality of alloy steels imported from USA and the best carbides made in China, we produce all threaded button bits by hot press technology.

Technical Parameters:
• Thread size: R25, R28, SSR28, R32, SSR32, R35, SSR35, R38, T38, T45, T51, SST58, SST68, SGT60;
• Head diameters: 51mm ~ 152mm;
• Face designs; flat face, drop center, uni-face;


• Alloy buttons are hot mounted into the drill bit, ensuring the bit good accuracy and durability;
• Reliability ensured by premium drill bit materials and premium alloy button;
• Different types designed for different drilling scenarios and rock conditions;
• High speed and drilling efficiency;
• Cost-effective, good performance with reasonable price.

Drilling works for blasting duties in tunneling, construction, mining, quarrying, etc.



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