Random Roller Cutter


Random Roller Cutter is a kind of TCI roller cutter without annular grooves (chipways) on the cutter surface, and its carbides are randomly distributed on the cutter body surface according to the design. This kind of roller cutter can be used not only in raise boring equipment, called raise boring cutter; but also widely used in reverse circulation drilling equipment, called RCD cutter.


Random Roller Cutter Product Features:

1. The back cone adopts spherical buttons, and the main cone adopts conical buttons. 
2. Randomly distributed buttons are used to achieve full coverage of the bottom crushing zone.
3. The bearing structure is a core covering bearing for roller cutter.
4. Use high-quality metal seals.
5. The roller cutters can be repaired and customized.

Random Roller Cutter Application Parameters

1. Applicable rock hardness: protodyakonov scale of hardness f≤12.
2. Recommended WOB of roller cutter: 100KN~170KN (12″), 60KN~100KN (8″).
3. Maximum WOB (weight on bit): 196KN (12″), 120KN (8″).
4. Recommended cutterhead rotation speed: 3-15 RPM.
Maximum linear velocity: 90m/min.

Roschen Optional Cutter Model

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