U100 Sampler Soil Core Catcher for Geotechnical Soil Sampling drilling


U100 Sampler Soil Core Catcher for Geotechnical Soil Sampling drilling

For U100 sampling in drilling soil layers drilling for U100 Sampling System.

Roschen U100, U70 Sampler system equipment is designed for obtaining undisturbed samples in most soils and some weak rocks such as Chalk and Marl. The sampler produces a nominal 100mm diameter soil core, approximately 450mm long. The sample tube with attached cutting shoe is driven into the ground by means of a Sliding Hammer. A Drive Head fits between the Sliding Hammer and the Sample Tube and contains an overdrive space and a ball valve. The ball valve allows air to be released as the tube is driven into the ground.

Size Available for other core barrels or soil samplers:

B76 core barrel, B86 core barrle, B101 core barrel, B131 core barrel, B146 core barrel
BQ core barrel NQ core barrel, HQ core barrel PQ core barrrel, NQ3 core barrel, HQ3 core barrel, PQ3 core barrel
TT-46 core barrel TT56 core barrel
T2-56 core barrel, T2-66 core barrel, T2-76 core barrel, T2-86 core barrel, T2-101 core barrel
T6-76 core barrel T6-86 core barrel T6-101 core barrel T6-116 core barrel T6-131 core barrel T6-131 core barrel
T6S-76, T6S-86, T6s-101, T6s-131,T6S-146 core barrel
NMLC core barrel, HMLC core barrel
HWF core barrel, PWF core barrel
NWG core barrel, HWG core barrel
LTK48 core barrel
Mazier core barrel
412 F core barrel
M101 core barrel

Chinese Standard: Wireline 56, wireline 59, wireline 75, wireline 91...

Wireline drilling is the special method of removing the core. When the driller wants to remove core from a conventional core drill, the entire core barrel has to be removed from the hole. This is time-consuming, as each rod has to be removed one at a time. With wireline drilling, a barrel of core can be removed from the bottom of the hole without removing the rod string. When the driller wants to remove the core, an overshot is lowered on the end of a wireline. The overshot attaches to the back of the core barrel inner tube and the wireline is pulled back and the inner tube disengages itself from the barrel.


Wireline Core Barrel Description:
Wire line core barrel double tube core barrel
single tube core barrel triple tube core barrel




U100 Sampler System specifications
Type Max O.D. * Min. I.D.* (mm) Area Ratio
Standard System 118.6 104.4 29%
Plastic liner System 123.8 101.6 48%