CME Bit Grinders & Grinding Equipment


CME Bit Grinders & Grinding Equipment

Available in Hydraulic, Pneumatic, or Electric Models to Fit Drill Bits from 35mm (1 3/8") to 1100mm (43")


Roschen can manufacture vary types of Grinder Pin, such as Atlas Copco, Sandvik, CME types.


For almost 60 years, Roschen has designed and built bit grinding systems that can improve the efficiency and overall lifespan of your carbide rock drilling bits and cutters. Roschen grinders are a perfect fit for almost any type of drilling application and can be used to sharpen a variety of bit types, such as button bits and DTH bits. Roschen's line of grinding equipment also features a variety of sizes, from handheld grinding tools to fully encased cabinets. If you need help choosing the right Roschen grinder for your specific application, contact Roschen today and speak to one of our knowledgeable team members.


Why Choose Roschen?

Roschen is dedicated to only manufacture the best equipment available in the rock drilling industry! So why do we can beat atlas copco, sandvik, cme. All Roschen grinding equipment is ergonomically designed and built with easy-to-use control systems, allowing equipment operators to be quickly and safely trained. Due to the simplicity of their product construction, Roschen grinders can be taken apart and repaired with standard tools and basic mechanical skills. Finally, in our experience, Roschen grinders are one of the most durable and rugged tools available on the market today.



Contact Roschen for Pricing and Ordering

Depending on the size capabilities and the volume of drill bits that you need to process, Roschen grinding systems can provide an affordable solution to replacing worn down or non-functional drill bits. If you have any questions about Roschen's full line of grinding equipment or if you'd like to know more about the pricing of a particular machine, please complete our online via our email "" or call Roschen during normal business hours.

Roschen Ginder Pins size available:

7 mm ~ 25mm

Further products information, pls contact: