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Roschen has a wide range of overburden drilling systems products, which can instead of Mincon, Mitsubishi, Sandvik. 


These systems are used for simultaneuos drilling and casing in unstable formations.


Casing advancement systems are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, for use in a variety of overburden drilling applications.



Roschen Casing Advance System features a simple, yet robust and proven design comprised of a Pilot Bit, a Casing Shoe and a Heavy-Duty Ring Bit. It's a concentric type overburden drilling system, which allows for the simultaneous advancement of casing as big as 24" in diameter, while drilling through fractured rock with a conventional down-the-hole air hammer. The pilot bit securely locks into the ring bit via special locking lugs to form the robust oversized-looking face of a conventional hammer bit – loaded with premium grade of carbide buttons. The unique locking mechanism also allows for direct transfer of energy from the hammer to the drilling surface of the ring bit and the pilot bit, which in turn ensures a superior penetration rate. The casing pipe is easily welded to the casing shoe, which threads into the ring bit to sit unrestricted on its shoulder, thus, preventing the casing pipe from rotating during the drilling operation and securing it at the same time. Depending on the drilling application, Drill King International customizes its casing advance system for either permanently left in the hole casing or retrieved (pulled-out) casing. Additional customization options are available based on the specifics of the drilling project, the actual casing and DTH hammer used, and the ground formation and conditions.



- The Most Efficient Way of Carrying Casing Down- The-Hole

- Made of Premium U.S. Steel for Strength & Durability

- Innovative, Simple, Yet Proven Design

- Available for Most Hammer Shanks

- Superior Technology for Outstanding Performance


1. The Most Efficient Way of Carrying Casing DownThe-Hole  

2. Made of Premium Germany Steel for Strength & Durability

3. Innovative, Simple, Yet Proven Design

4. Available for Most Hammer Shanks 

5. Superior Technology for Outstanding Performance

The newest generation of Casing Advance Systems means increased productivity, longer life, and straighter holes. Pilot Bit, Ring Bit & Casing Shoe assembly customizable to driller’s specifications 


4" 4.5 4.03 114.21 102.28 22/10 8.6/3.9 IR3.5, COP34, COP32
5" 5.56 5.05 141.12 128.17 35/16 12.8/5.8 QL4, IR340, SD4
6" 6.63 6.07 168.27 154.06 59.5/27 16.5/7.5 QL5, IR350R, SD5
8" 8.63 7.98 219.04 202.54 118/53.5 27/12.3 QL6, IR360, SD6
10" 10.75 10.02 272.84 254.31 214/97 30/13.6 QL8, IR380, SD8
12" 12.75 11.94 323.6 303.05 275/125 48.5/22 QL8, IR380, SD8, SD10, N100
14" 14 13.13 355.33 333.25 485/220 57/26 SD10, N100, QL120, IR112, SD12, N120, N125
16" 16 15 406.09 380.71 573/260 57/26 QL120, IR112, SD12, N120, N125
18" 18 16.88 456.85 428.43 670/304 82/37 QL120, IR112, SD12, N120, N125
20" 20 18.81 507.61 477.41 Variable weights depending on shank QL120, IR112, SD12, N120, N125, SD15, IR112S, N180, SD18, QL200
24" 24 22.63 609.14 574.37 SD18, N180, QL200


Roschen Inc. is constantly striving to improve its products and must therefore, reserve the right to change designs, materials, specifications and price without notice.






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Casing Advance systems


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casing advancer system

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HW/HWT Casing Advancer

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casing advancer system

casing advancers in drilling

powerpoint advancer

wireless slide advancer

logitech slide advancer

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Concentric Casing Advancer - Overburden System 

DTH casing advancement systems 

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