Ultramatrix Impregnated Core Bits


Ultramatrix Impregnated Core Bits     


Roschen Manufactured with very small, high quality synthetic diamonds mixed evenly through a metal matrix. The matrix hardness is chosen to suit the rock formation, so that it wears evenly throughout the life of the bit, exposing new sharp diamonds.


Roschen supplied two different ranges of impregnated core bits, for different  applications. Both types incorporate the latest high technology matrix - the subject of a worldwide patent - developed by our partner, Diaset Products in Canada.


Ultramatrix Impregnated Core Bits 

Ultramatrix Impregnated Core Bits are very long-life premium quality products with applications in mineral exploration core drilling. The proprietary metallurgical matrix is designed to maximize productivity while minimizing input costs.


Matrix types are designated from Series 1 through to to Series 15. In general, a bit with a low matrix number such as series 1  should be chosen to drill a relatively soft, fractured and abrasive formation.  As the matrix number increases, the bits are intended for use in increasingly harder formations up to the highest number, Series 15, which should be chosen to drill an ultra hard, highly consolidated, non-abrasive formation.


Standard matrix height is 12mm, but other matrix heights up to 25mm are available on request.




Last longer than competing products (ultra-abrasion resistant gauges)

Maximize penetration rates (cut hard rock faster)

Require less push, resulting in a more accurate drilling

Precise, vibration free drilling for straighter holes

Less fuel consumption, rod wear and corebarrel wear

Better core recovery


Wireline Core Bits Specifications:
AQTK 35.5 mm (1-3/8 in) 48 mm (1-7/8 in)
BQ 36.4 mm (1-7/16 in) 60 mm (2-3/8 in)
BQTK 40.7 mm (1-5/8 in) 60 mm (2-3/8 in)
NQ 47.6 mm (1-7/8 in) 75.7 mm (3 in)
NQTK (NQ2") 50.6 mm (2 in) 75.7 mm (3 in)
NQ3 45 mm (1-3/8 in) 75.7 mm (3 in)
HQ 63.5 mm (2-1/2 in) 96 mm (3-3/8 in)
HQ3 61.1 mm (2-3/8 in) 96 mm (3-3/8 in)
PQ3 85 mm (3-3/8 in) 122.6 mm (4-7/8 in)
PQ3 83 mm (3-1/4 in) 122.6 mm (4-7/8 in)


Diamond core drill bits and diamond non-core drill bits Specifications
A-Gauge Core Bits: A, A-RSG, AWG(AX), AWM, AWT, LTK48
B-Gauge Core Bits: B, B-RSG, B-2.400, B3, BWG(BX), BWM, BWT, LTK60, TBW
N-Gauge Core Bits: N, NMLC, NWG(NX), NWM, NWT, TNW
H-Gauge Core Bits: N, HMLC, HWF-Long, HWF-Short, HWG(HX), HWT
P- Gauge Core Bits: P, P3, PWF-Long, PWF-Short
S- Gauge Core Bits: SWF-Long, SWF-Short
U- Gauge Core Bits: UWF-Long, UWF-Short
Z- Gauge Core Bits: ZWF-Long, ZWF-Short
T, TT, T2 &TB Series Metric Core Bits:

T36, TT46, T2-46, TB56, TT56, T2-56, T2-66, T2-76,
 T2-76 coreline, T2-86, T2-86 coreline, T2-101, T2-101 coreline

T6 Series Metric Core Bits: T6-76, T6-86, T6-101, T6-116, T6-131, T6-146
T6S Series Metric Core Bits: T6S-76, T6S-86, T6S-101, T6S-116, T6S-131, T6S-146
T2 Series: T2 46, T2 56, T2 66, T2 76, T2 86, T2 101
T6 Series: T6 76, T6 86, T6 101, T6 116, T6 131, T6 146, T6S 101
T Series: T36, T46, T56, T66, T76, T86
Z Series: Z46, Z56, Z66, Z76, Z86, Z101, Z116, Z131, Z146
B Series: B36, B46, B56, B66, B76, B86, B101, B116, B131, B146

AXT, T6H, 4 9/16, NWD4, 412F, SK6L146, TT46, TB56, TS116, CHD101.

Customized standard CDDA, DCAMA, Crealius, and ISO sizes








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