Fast Speed Borehole Geological Diamond Core Bit Coal Drilling Impregnated Drill Bit



Fast Speed Borehole Geological Diamond Core Bit Coal Drilling Impregnated Drill Bit



Fast Speed Borehole Geological Diamond Core Bit Coal Drilling Impregnated Drill Bit


Basic information
Material: Synthetic Diamond, Natural Diamond
Crown Profile: Standard
Thread: DCDMA Standard
Applicaion: All Conventional And Wireline Core Barrel
Type: Diamond Core Bit
High Light: drilling impregnated diamond core bit
borehole impregnated diamond core bit
geological impregnated diamond core bit
Available Size: Q Series, T2 Series, T6 Series
Waterways: Standard /Face Discharge /Turbo /Spiral
Color: Black
Use: Mining Exploration Diamond Drilling


Borehole Geological Drilling Impregnated and Surface Set Diamond Core Bit



The synthetic diamond polycrystalline is manufactured by sintering the fine grains of synthetic monocrystals and at high temperature and high-pressure.Because of their advantages of high wear ability,hot hardness high compressive and impact strength,It is widely usd in geological exploration,petroleum drilling,mechanical processes,and so on.



Diamond core bits are widely used in the drilling for geological exploration,water conservancy and power engineering,hydrogeological exploration and building construction,ets.



Features of Diamond Core Bits: 



1. Heat treatment control:


Heat treatment will greatly improve the material strength and increase the thread wear life

of the rods and casings. We conduct either tru-wall or both ends heat treatment to the

tube body. After heat treatment, strength, hardness, straightness and concentricity of the

treated tubes will be tested in our lab.


2. Thread opening process:

Accuracy of threads will determine the use effects and life time of drill rod and casings.

CNC latches and form cutter are used in thread opening processing to minimize error

made by anthropic factors.


3. Additional thread treatment:

Surface of the threads will be cleaned to remove burr adhered after threads are opened.

Afterwards, the tread surface will be phosphated to improve surface conditions.



Q series core bits
Size O.D I.D Availability
mm mm Imp. S.S T.C. PDC TSP E.P.
AQ 47.75/47.50 27.10/26.85
BQ 59.69/59.44 36.52/36.27
BQ3 59.69/59.44 33.65/33.40
NQ 75.44/75.19 47.75/47.50
NQ3 75.44/75.19 45.21/44.96
HQ 95.76/95.38 63.63/63.38
HQ3 95.76/95.38 61.24/60.99
PQ 122.30/121.80 85.09/84.84
PQ3 122.30/121.80 83.18/82.93
Core bits for N-series double core barrels
NMLC 75.44/75.19 52.12/51.87
HMLC 98.98/98.60 63.63/63.38
Core bits for T2 series double core barrels
T2-46 46.18/45.92 31.82/31.57
T2-56 56.13/55.88 41.83/41.58
T2-76 76.12/75.87 61.82/61.57
T2-86 86.13/85.88 71.83/71.58
T2-101 101.12/100.87 83.82/83.57
Core bits for T6 series double core barrels
T6-76 76.12/75.87 57.12/56.87
T6-86 86.13/85.88 67.13/66.88
T6-101 101.12/100.87 79.12/78.87
T6-116 116.20/115.82 93.14/92.89
T6-131 131.19/130.81 108.13/107.88
T6-146 146.18/145.80 123.11/122.86
Core bits for Chinese standard single tube core barrels
59 59.5 41.5
75 75.2 54.5
91 91.2 68
110 111.2 93
130 131.2 113
150 151.2 133
170 171.2 149
219 225.2 197
Core bits for Chinese standard double tube core barrels
75 75.2 54.5
91 91.2 68
110 111.2 93


Model Core Drill Bit, Reaming Shell Drill Rod Standard Drilling Depth
Drill Bit OD/ID Reamer OD OD ID
mm mm mm mm m
BTW Φ59.56/Φ42.35 Φ59.95 Φ56.3 Φ48 International Standard 1000
NTW Φ75.31/Φ56.35 Φ75.7 Φ73.3 Φ64 International Standard 900
HTW Φ95.57/Φ71.35 Φ96.09 Φ91.3 Φ81 International Standard 800
AQ Φ47.63/Φ26.97 Φ48.01 Φ44.5 Φ34.9 International Standard 1000
BQ Φ59.56/Φ36.4 Φ59.95 Φ55.6 Φ46 International Standard 1200
NQ Φ75.31/Φ47.6 Φ75.7 Φ69.9 Φ60.3 International Standard 1800
HQ Φ95.57/Φ63.5 Φ96.09 Φ88.9 Φ77.8 International Standard 1800
PQ Φ122.05/Φ85 Φ122.65 Φ114.3 Φ103.2 International Standard 1600